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Anyone persists to study new tech and try to implement it?

I always keep updated with new tech by reading it. But my weakness is not applying. Reading only is not make you understand it. I work as an Android Developer and lately my project now is to use all new tech as possible. Like MVVM, Observable Field, LiveData and it are all new to me!! There is a lot of things I don't complished it yet like understanding dependency injection using Dagger, RxJava, and Kotlin.

Sometimes, I have a bad habit like don't want to use or don't want to know or care any more about new tech. I just want to use my style or traditional way. So now there is a lot of things to catch up and study and apply new tech.

As a programmer or in the IT field, we cannot run from new tech. Whoever late behind, surely there is a lot of things to do.

  1. Don't just study and read it. Try applying it even in the basic example.
  2. Don't just copy and paste it. Try to type as possible cause you will notice any error and for your understanding.


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