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Can you elaborate on your toolchain and how to deal with CORS?


how to deal with CORS?

I would recommend you to read the Mozzila docs on How to deal with CORS?

If this is not enough, please get back here and be more specific in your question.


Apktool - decompiler apk to smali
Jadx - decompiler apk to jar,java
Burpsuite - network intercept
For CORS, I am sorry I dont know about it.


What scenarios in mobile development do you find reverse engineering to be helpful?


To check whether the apps is secure enough or not.


Was it difficult getting a mobile dev job? And was prior work experience needed?


Yes, it is difficult because a lot of company expect you know like a junior developer & have knowledge building cross-platform. This is my first job and just graduated last year. I am very grateful that this company accept me working there. For the interview , it just asks me whether I know Java & Android.No coding interview.


I think it is great for building hybrid apps! Now I am doing only Android. Maybe in the future will do cross-platform apps.


I know app build with flutter, the entire logic and UI code is packaged in native so library, Do you have exp that how to reverse flutter app in order to get Dart code?


What do you use reverse engineering for, personally?

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Do you prefer sans serif over serif?

You can change your font preferences in the "misc" section of your settings. ❤️