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Building My Own Blog

I've enjoyed as a blogging platform. But I don't feel tied to it.

What I do feel tied to is my growth path as an engineer and that includes building projects for personal and other interests.

So I've started to think about creating a blogging platform.

MERN vs Django

I have a strong desire to use Django as my project's framework. I've worked with Django far longer than the six weeks that I've been a student at Hack Reactor, and so I know it way better. I also like it way better (although I'm not discounting the role of time/exposure plays in affinity/preference).

But HR is a JS program (well, really it's an engineering program) and I'm nowhere near where I want and need to be with the tools we've been learning.

Here's what I don't know / haven't done:

  • I don't know how to write methods on classes and instances in Mongo (I barely know how to CRUD in Mongo -- even 'barely' is overstating it).
  • I don't know how to set-up more than the most basic post and get request in Express.
  • I haven't set-up Webpack.
  • React is still opaque to me. I haven't applied CSS to React components nor used state-related libraries like Redux or Context.

I mean it's a painfully long list.

So this project is a great opportunity to get more reps in with those libraries and softwares.

What I've accomplished so far

Not much. I've got some wireframes and a study plan. They're both sparse. But they're a start.

My computer has been spazzing for the past few days so I can't upload many of the other wireframes at the mo, but down below can give you a sense of some of the elements that I'm considering incorporating. As for the study list, it's:

Alt Text

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