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My First Real Side Project

Picture this.

You come up with an idea you think would make a good app. You have dev experience so you say, "I can build that, shouldn't be too hard." You quickly spin up a new project and get to work. You carry that momentum for a couple days, maybe weeks and forget about it.

Has that happened to you?

It has certainly happened to me. There are so many abandoned side project on my hard drive, just waiting there hoping that one day they'll get picked up again. In reality, they wont.

They were not projects I was truly passionate about.

I have my to-do list, static websites, react projects, but most of these were built with the intention to learn. They are projects from courses I have purchased.

This project is the first project I want to complete because it is something I will use myself.

It is a workout tracking application that I hope will be a one for all solution. Tracking workouts, charts, calorie tracker, etc. In order for me to not abandon it; I must think small and work my way up. This is precisely what I am doing.

So far, I have the login/signup page, the list page, and the add page.

That is all for now. I am hoping to write a series, sort of like a "how to" with what I have learned after I deploy it.

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