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Zell Liew πŸ€— on June 13, 2018

You know learning is important. You want to do it, but you can't seem to find the time. You're drained after work. All you want to do is relax o... [Read Full]
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Great read, I love this part:

Important work is work that directs your life towards the direction you want to go. Everything else is a distraction.

I totally agree with this, in fact I'm writing an app (coincidentally in Vue! Spoiler: it's great) to help people focus on their life goals so I hope to start sharing some progress soon

It's hard to make sure you're spending time in the right quadrant but definitely worth it. Since focusing more on what I'm doing in my spare time I definitely feel I'm achieving more and happier because of it.


Do share it with me. Would love to check it out :)


will do, it's still in the early stages so not much to see for a while, but thanks for the interest


I've heard this idea described as the "Eisenhower Box." Ever since I became familiar with the idea of "Important, but Not Urgent" tasks, I've done a much better allocating my time to address these tasks and goals.

Thanks for this!


I'm sorry but i don't understand Q3. How can something be not important but urgent ?? If you consider something urgent, then it must be important. It's a sort of self implied fact. If it's not important, why would you want to do that thing urgently ?
And i don't get the example either, why would keeping up with Twitter be something you consider urgent ? Social media should always be something so little important that you could just do it once a week without a problem.


I think the author is implying that social media CAN have a feeling of urgency in today's world. You could also replace checking Twitter with news, sports, reddit, etc.


I'm really interested in this... "you're drained after work." There has to be a way to cure this feeling, right?


Yeah,the main idea is to manage your job well. Get it out of Q1 or Q3 and into Q2.

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