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The user authentication deserve more attention

Daniele Fontani
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he user authentication deserves more attention. There is no more space for self-made solutions.

In 2020 we cannot reinvent the wheel but just push the digital transformation.

Why? I'm tired of custom authentication solutions.

I hate the friction we feel while accessing to the ecosystem of tools that we use daily.

I’m myself, why I should prove it two times?

Moreover, with the upcoming security threat, I’m also curious about where I’m typing my passwords—security matters for me.
I remember the first timid attempts at creating SSO (Single Sign-On) solutions in the 2000s.

We had many handcrafted tools, using cookies, redirect, and other tricks for getting the job complete. Every company had to reinvent the wheel.

This age ended when OAuth (and then OAuth2) become the standard and helps to create SSO scenarios and authentication sharing with ease.

Well, this was a big step forward, but it is not the end. The Oauth2 protocol solves only one part of the problem: we still need to code for implementing the authentication system.

Coding is wonderful but requires time and costs. We cannot reinvent the wheel each time.

That’s why I wrote an article about finding a standard solution for identity access management (IAM) — and you should read it!

In this article, I explain the pain points about authentication and how to solve them by adopting a standard solution

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john doe

digital transformation for enterprises is all about reinventing a business’s model, people, technology through advanced digital solutions, this will have a massive impact on your vendor and customer relationships too (so partnering with the right Digital transformation services is important).