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Why and How I Created Another Console Framework

Daniele Fontani
・1 min read

Console applications are becoming viral tools for developers. After a trend that was going to move each non-visual tool to GUIs for better control, in the last years, we see the success of CLIs. Just remind to Docker and Kubernetes. In the last months, I developed an open-source headless CMS called RawCMS, and I put a CLI application on it. I started this tool by using the library in the .Net market, and the final experience wasn’t so good. I completed the task, but the next time I had to develop a client application, I decided to invest some time trying to do something better. I finished developing a straightforward console framework that automates command execution and the interaction with the user.
In this article, I will explain how I did it — focus on the exciting part I learned. The code is available on GitHub, as usual, and I released a Nuget package for testing.

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