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Daniele Fontani
Daniele Fontani

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How I Wasted Two Years In Opensource Development

I’m an open-source love. I started developing an open-source side project in 2006 and that was the secret that boosts my career. Thanks to the experiments that I have made during this trip I’m now a better developer and I give back something to the community — almost I hope.

I wrote about my vision of opensource as a driver for companies and developers growth here but that is another story 😄

In this article, I want to talk about my experience since 2018 on an open-source low-code platform called RawCms.

This project failed but let me grow up teaching me things that I couldn't have imagined when I do the whole project in two days instead of two years just by changing technology.

Read the full article for discover my failure and what you can learn from it

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