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Secure Data with On-Prem Storage of Engineer Activity

Zero Assumptions offers companies a secure way to get and store their engineers’ activities on databases and servers. For companies, this means peace of mind over all actions performed on company information because there’s traceability.

Each action is attributed to a specific user device and location. In addition, we link time of action, access location, machine signature, and other defining metadata.

Zero Assumptions is low maintenance

Zero Assumptions doesn’t require significant staffing to roll out or upkeep. An IT role individual fills out the configuration file, and deploys the configuration onto an on-prem server.

Our product is easy to manage and maintain once it’s deployed. Ongoing management tasks include user management, device management, group management, resource management, and node management.

Zero Assumptions leverages audit logs

Activity is printed to an audit log that’s available at any time. Audit logs can also be exported to another location for storage purposes.

Audit logs can be used for internal and external auditing to verify engineer actions, and trace back root causes for issues that arise in a company's system.

Zero Assumptions helps companies be compliant

Companies have full control over their data, since Zero Assumptions doesn’t require cloud storage. On-prem works especially well if your company deals with regulated and sensitive data that you need to retain sole access to.

Zero Assumptions helps companies to be SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliant by providing tremendous flexibility.

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