Finally! I built my portfolio

zerosand1s profile image Harshal Gangurde ・2 min read

Finally! I have finished working on the first version of my portfolio and I feel good. I had been thinking to build my portfolio for the last two years but never really worked on it. Last week I started searching for the ways to build it and I came across Gatsby, a framework to build static websites. Of course one can simply use HTML, CSS, and JS to do the job but I wanted to learn something new. I saw people using the word Gatsby a lot online and I wanted to try it. This was the great opportunity and I grabbed it. One more advantage with Gatsby is, it is based on React which meant I could improve my React skills along with finishing my portfolio.

Here is the link to my portfolio: https://portfolio-8b931.firebaseapp.com/ (I don't have a domain yet, but that's next thing on the list)

What I learned

  • A new framework, Gatsby
  • CSS modules (Component scoped CSS)
  • Hosting a website on firebase
  • FormCarry, to handle contact me form without backend

What issues I faced

  • using CSS modules

There are many ways to add styles to your website but Gatsby recommends CSS Modules for beginners and I took their word for it.
Initially I had issues with styles being not applied to my components until I found this note.
I was using dashes in my CSS class names but was not using them in camelcase format in my components. Once I figured that out everything else went quite smooth.

Please check out my portfolio and feel free to leave any comment here, I would love to get some feedback.


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Definetly check out .dev domains for dev portfolio's ;) I've got mine on Porkbun, and linked to free cloudflare dash for loads op options 😬

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Harshal Gangurde Author

Thank you @joppedc . I will check out Porkbun to get my domain.

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There’s a ton of other out there. Its just my personal experience that they’re great. If you have any question about linking it to cloudflare or anything, just let me know!

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Sung M. Kim

The site looks fast & responsive, Harshal~

The only thing I've noticed was that the name wasn't aligned in the middel on mobile.

name not responsive

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Harshal Gangurde Author

Thank you, Sung. I really appreciate the time you took to review my portfolio. I have written just a single media query to handle responsiveness (I was mostly checking on my iPhone 6s) but I sure need more of them to handle more screen sizes. Thank you for the feedback.

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Chase Hochstrasser

I'm in the same situation. I like your portfolio, my was looking for your resume on your site. I just want to share my website with you as well. chasehoch.io. I have found some issues but I know if I made time I could fix them. Good luck.

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The portfolio looks great.
I just want to point out some minor issues, the graphic inside the circles isn't centred properly, the contact me form doesn't have any styling & is left aligned in the desktop version, (IMHO) to keep it consistent center it & apply some styling.

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Naveen Yalla

That's pretty great work Harshal. How's the "Tech That I Use" section in rendering? is it from react component or you writing it from markdown page?