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First Week of Hacktoberfest

I was very excited to start contributing to the open-source community but after 2 days of searching, I had found no repos to contribute to. I was feeling very estranged. After the 2 days, I found an issue under the first issues label for c++ . There I found this Issue. The feeling was very familiar as I am very familiar with data structures and that to with destructors in c++. I had found the perfect first issue for me.

Two days after, I had submitted a pull request. After, A couple of hours it had been accepted and merged. My first pr to an open-source project wait this is where is went all wrong. I found out the the repo I had contributed to did not have an open-source license. Which felt like it wasn't open-source. So, I then added an issue to add an open-source license and the repo owner agreed with me and added one the very next day.

While, I was waiting for the issue to be resolved I tried to find another project I could contribute to. This time I checked good first issues for JavaScript. After, going through many school projects I found a boiler plate for react. I found this issue on the repo. It was to change the graphql point to .env file. I know what .env files are I am not that familiar with graphql but I wanted to give it a try. So, I asked if I could do it with a positive response. So, this week I will work on this issue and try to find another repo I can contribute to.

The week was full of ups and downs. I hope I can stay on track and not feel estranged again.

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