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Git Remote - Ignores all Features


Last week, I added a ignore feature to this repo. I made an issue to add the ignore feature. The repo owner got back to me and gave me the go ahead and assigned me the issue. The 3 things I gained insight while doing this feature was I gained a greater understanding of the Go programming language, git remote and code reviewing.

The Language

Go programming language is similar to a lot of other languages I use frequently but also slightly different. I did use a lot of regex in my solution so I got familiar with the go regex and strings libraries. I found Go pretty easy to get into because of my vast experience with C++ and JavaScript. I did enjoy programming in go though it was a nice combination of scripting language and compiled programming language.

The process

The process of getting my code merged with the repo was a process because at all points of adding the code I was in talks with the repo owner and the way my code was merged was not the normal pr but it was through git remote. I provided the repo owner with my fork and branch I was working on and The repo owner did code review and testing with git remote. This experience felt a lot more real and felt like it was more of a collaborative effort in implementing the feature.

On the Other-Side

I did the same process with my repo where someone wanted to implement this feature to my fireLinker and I also used git remote to review the code. The process of reviewing the code this way was much more simpler than review a pr. I had an easier time testing it on my local machine.


This whole process taught me a lot and made me get comfortable with a lot of things I use such as Go, Regex and Git. Overall, I found git remote to be a great tool to add to my arsenal when dealing with code review and merging repos.

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