re: Tutorial: How to share code between iOS, Android & Web using React Native, react-native-web and monorepo VIEW POST


Really great stuff, we learn a lot!

Here is what we wrote on somewhat the same topic.


It was too much trouble to set up both Android, iOS and their native dependencies in the mono repo structure.

So we decided to just nohoist everything. T_T


Nice, thanks for the mention in the article!

Were you able to share code between web and mobile using nohoist? I've had problems with this approach in the past but I don't remember exactly why. It has some downsides but it's definitely much simpler to setup. Everything working well for you this way?


No, sry for taking so long to reply.

Our yarn workspace is just set up to include app / backend / website

And they do not share components.

The problem is that metro does not support symbol links. Which is what yarn workspace uses.


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