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How To Find Meeting Minutes From Online Meetings

meeting minutes
Online meetings are the heart and soul of every meeting of businesses now and then. In this Covid19 phase, the businesses and other work cultures are only relying on online meetings. It's better to avoid face to face meet and other work from office culture. Keeping you safe and your family safer.

Working online means you need to stay active for long and un-ending meetings. You need to invest most of the time in online meetings. As a result, you do not have ample time to make up with all your other tasks. After all your meetings you need to set up all the meeting notes which were discussed within the meeting. So now, this is the hardest part.

As a human tendency to forget you always miss out on the important discussions that were made. And this way, you create incomplete meeting minutes from the whole conversation.

What are the meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes or mom (minutes of meetings) is the documentation of all your vital points that happened in your whole meeting.

The meeting minutes have the motive to explain what was discussed to the people who were not present in the meetings. It also gives you an option to no what work should be followed up next so that you can check it in the future and confirm if all things/tasks are going well or not.

What to look upon to include in writing meeting minutes?

You must include these five things whenever you make your mind to create meeting minutes:

  1. A pre-plan
  2. Start recording your meeting
  3. Writing minutes/transcribing
  4. Sharing the meeting minutes to attendees and non-attendees
  5. Saving the meeting minutes for future use.

So what's the purpose of creating meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes do not mean that you have to track all the things that come under every minute. But, it is essential to track down every important task or point that will be implemented into your work. Some important points may include:
• Decision-making notes such as motions made, votes, conclusive points.
• The next planned processes
• Checking and tracking the action items working well or not

Minutes are the records of all the conversation made for the attendees and a source of information for all the non-attendees so that they can utilize them for their smooth work.

In some cases, meeting minutes can also set as a reference point; for example:
• When a meeting's conclusion set a change for your project in the organization.
• Minutes tend to serve as a notice or a reminder for the people to assign the work.

What are the traits to be the best app/tool to manage meeting minutes online?

To manage the meeting minutes, you need the tool which is highly advanced and understands your meeting objectives precisely.

There are many meeting minutes app rolling in the market, but finding the best is a tough task. You must go through all the features each meeting minutes app is proving to you. From paid to free, all have some limitations.

One of the best meeting minutes app you can find online is AIRA.

AIRA has the possibly best features than anyone else in the market. Here are some of the main features of AIRA apart from just taking meeting minutes:

1) Aira syncs with your Google/Microsoft Calendar

Yes, that's true! AIRA syncs with your Google Mail and Microsoft 365, giving you the freedom to use these tools with no barriers.

As soon as you log into AIRA it syncs with your online calendar. You can even have a dashboard of the Meeting calendar under it so that you can easily scroll and navigate your meeting schedules.

2) Possess note sharing feature

When you're done with the meeting, it automatically generates a meeting transcription for you within minutes. With those meeting transcriptions, it also generates meeting notes for you.

Once the meeting notes are published, AIRA has the feature to share those meeting notes with anyone you want.

3) Joins online meeting on your behalf (manual & autojoin)

Packed by your online meetings in the calendar, it's quite obvious that somewhere you will feel irritating.

It's not always possible to join the meeting every now and then. AIRA, on your behalf, can auto-join the meetings so that you may not need to take additional stress.

4) Generates actionable action items

During the meeting, you can ask AIRA to take down the notes of action items. Those action items will then sooner appear in your action items list.
By this, it can help other people regardless they are present in the meeting or been absent to take further steps.

Isn't that great?

5) Provides your meeting insights with analytics

Just imagine how the scenario will be if you can track down your meeting performance. Even you can check how many meetings you performed earlier and how many are there still on the list.

Now, this comes to reality with AIRA's meeting analytics that can share you the deep insights of how your meetings are going on.You can track down the number of meetings you have to attend and even how many you attended.

Also, you can also find transcripts of each meeting under those meeting analytics respectively.

6) AIRA integrates with Zapier, so you can do more

AIRA does not stop here. It also integrates with Zapier so that you can use its service on other platforms. So that was the bonus of this tool.

This will help different professionals such as marketing, sales, IT, HR, Medical, or other teams to work seamlessly and track down how they are working online with online meetings.

integration also make improvement on customer perceptions, as they will feel that you are working efficiently. If you have meetings with your customers, they will sooner get a note of meeting minutes, and this way they will feel more professional for you.


Geeting a meeting minutes app is very essential to create a workflow for your online jobs. If you are not keeping the meeting minutes, you may soon lose a big fish.

So go and start using AIRA for your online meetings!

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