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Discussion on: What's your PERSONAL Developer story? (inspiring, creepy, exciting, sad) 👩‍💻 👨‍💻

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Krisztina Závecz
  • worked in IT Security (not an engineering job)
  • had 2 kids
  • studied & started a fitness instructor side career
  • went on to do fitness full-time
  • when expecting 3rd baby, I realised I need a more solid base
  • started to learn webdesign & little code
  • realized it is CODE that really interests me, not design, so learned more & more...
  • only had (and still only have) time to learn when kids are in bed in the nights... 😴
  • while having received stellar reviews during the year, I got fired from my first dev job exactly on my 1-year work anniversary. 😢 This completely threw me off for a while 😢 even though I knew that they had not been on the bleeding edge of today's frontend technology
  • 6 weeks after having been fired, I started at another company. Being at the right place now, learning a lot, sometimes struggling a lot, but still HAPPY with my new choice. ❤️❤️❤️