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The Minimalists Learning Resources

Hello world, I know there’s a lot of articles citing extensive free learning resources and I was definitely feeling exhausted just by looking at it.

I just wanted to share the essential resources that have been helping me to pick up various development technologies so far.

A bit of background before I move on, I actually have programming experience in Java and C++, which is why some resources that cater to beginner doesn’t work for me.

Before you jump right into those resources, you might want to take a look at Kamran Ahmed’s Developer Road Map for front-end web , back-end web and DevOps , I find this very useful in terms of planning what to learn (and realising there are so many things to master!)

Interactive Learning:
Free Code Camp

Learn Ruby by the Hard Way
Flavio Copes’s articles on: JavaScript, Vue.js, Node.js, Express.js, React

Power boost language tour:
Learn X in Y Minutes

Bonus (and exhaustive free resources):
Ebook Foundation’s Free programming books

I will keep updating this list as I pick up and explore other technologies. Please do share in the comment on what resources that personally worked for you!

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