A month without social media

Erika on July 31, 2020

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash For 2020 I decided to challenge myself to try something new every month. Everything from Yoga everyday to no sugar fo... [Read Full]
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You've inspired me! Today I tweeted and posted an ig story to let people know I'm taking the week (at least) off! I've been long overdue for a cleanse; I feel like my doom scrolling has increased since the pandemic started, and I want to create newer, better habits.


Awesome to hear! Best of luck πŸ˜„


I deleted my Facebook account years ago because it just felt like a toxic environment and back then they had all of those data leaks of users data too. I do have a new Facebook account now but I only use it for talking to friends on Facebook Messenger. I would be keen to try a social media detox at some point but first I would need to complete the #100DaysOfCode challenge :)

I also use social media for getting news updates but considering how negative this year is (coronavirus) it would be better to just take a break from it all.


Focus on one thing at a time sounds great! I did a code everyday challenge back in May and it felt very taxing so I can't imagine 100 days! (It was also my most productive month so I don't regret it πŸ˜„ )

For news I started a subscription on a news paper that I read a couple times a week to stay up to date on the most important things.


Being forced to code for at least 1 hour a day for 100 days is pretty exhausting I am on day 60. However my programming has improved and I have created new projects which never would have happened. Prior to starting the challenge I was barely doing any coding and I felt demotivated because of covid...

I suppose that getting news from one source must really cut down on all that noise that comes from getting news from multiple news networks it gets overwhelming.


Awesome write up! I started uninstalling different social media apps because of privacy concerns, and just because I don't like feeling addicted to anything. Twitter was my main social media app and I deleted it off my phone two months ago. The first two days I'd find myself clicking on where it used to be in my phone home screen πŸ˜‚ but now I go hours without thinking to check it. I only use it on my laptop's browser which really limited the time.

People love to ask me what I do if I'm not scrolling on social media!


Thank you and Great job!
My greatest hope was that less social media scrolling would = more productivity. But nah, I play video games and read books instead πŸ˜…

Still need to work on my productivity mindset, so what do you do? πŸ˜„


I’ve been reading A LOT and watching tv shows and movies as well. This is productivity in my book πŸ˜† I’m also spending tons more time being present with my family. Only recently I started channeling my productivity into coding and side projects.

From a mental health perspective it's very much more productive, at least to me πŸ˜„
Great that you're finding times to spend with family in these pandemic times! Stay safe!

That’s right.
Thanks, you as well πŸ™ŒπŸ½


I have the opposite experience. I wake up in the morning and literally the first thing I can think of is Facebook or 9gag, its hard because I can feel it that there's something I should be doing that I'm not. The other day I found myselft unconsciously opening facebook on my browser and it hit me that Facebook's dopamine reward system has hit me hard.
But I'm going to hang in there wish me luck guys.


Literally me! Every morning before doing anything else I'd browse social media...
Best of luck!


I approve of this here scientific experiment, and I also encourage to remove social media from your life for as long as you live. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

BUT! if you are being paid to participate in social media, by all means, get that money. ofc... πŸ€‘πŸ’Έ


Yea that's one thing, if it pays your bills then by all means it's probably worth the stress factors πŸ˜…


I deactivated my FB account about a year ago. Go on Twitter from time to time. I find it hard to connect people over electronic media; I prefer doing it offline because I can feel the emotions, or see reactions. But that's me.

Social media can be very useful from time to time, but like with many things we just need to learn to moderate. On the other had engineers need to do anything to keep us engaged, so that might be a constant battle that often we can only lose :)


I find it hard to deactivate FB for the sole reason that it's the only platform I have for event invitations from my family's birthdays and what not. It's becoming less and less so. So maybe I should just cut the cord really.
Baby Steps! I envy you!


Go on and pull the plunge! I did it a year ago and after a while, you realize you didn't need it. It brings your friends and family closer 'cause you'll be in contact through messaging.

Yea this is my experience as well (that you become closer through messaging interactions instead of broadcasting on FB walls).
I should!


Congrats on doing this and being able to stick with it for a whole month!


Haha this is not a challenge for me but the default. Although sometimes you do have to use a bit because others do... and that’s their only way of communication.


I want it to be my new default from here on out! I feel much better πŸ˜ƒ


Good for you! I think you'd enjoy the book Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World by Cal Newport. ;)

Sounds interesting! I added it to my Goodreads, thanks!


It's been years since using the usual suspects which I do not miss one bit. dev.to is social media site as is the likes of fitness apps like Strava. Did you cut these out too?


I didn't cut them specifically, I didn't find them to be timesinks (an app I could scroll forever to no end).
I think dev.to is more of a learning platform with a side of social, at least to me.
Reddit is the one I debated the most but ended up cutting cause I mostly used it to endlessly scroll "entertainment" subs.


That makes sense. Mindful curation trumps a mindless cull every time :) Gotta' watch the creep though. That's kind of my approach to it anyway.


I really really want to deactivate Facebook but it’s the sole way I can reach several people in my family back in the states. Makes it pretty hard.


You and me both! That's why I think in the long run I'll just limit myself instead of cutting completely, but we'll see how it goes.


I was also on a "Month without social media". I am so enjoying this challenge that, I do this every month now. Its been 3 months without social media for me now. It's so peaceful and productive.


Awesome! I also enjoy the peace 100%


To start this challenge? Beginning of the year I had a list of challenges I wanted to do and I picked from the list at random before each month. July happened to be no Social Media month and why is because I was shook at how many hours I spent consuming it every day without much gain πŸ˜„

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