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#SimpleGuide002 - How deploy a website to Heroku

Hi, I am Zsolt a beginner self-taught developer. I just started my journey into coding and CS and decided create simple step by step guides to help my learning process.

Simple Guide 002

How deploy a website to Heroku

A simple step by step guide for beginners to deploy a website to Heroku

Step 1 - Create new app on Heroku

  • Log in to Heroku
  • Click New
  • Click Create new app
  • Type in app name
  • Click create

Step 2 - Log in to Heroku using your command-line interface

  • Type $ heroku log in and follow instructions

Step 3 - Initializie Git, add files from and commit

  • Open your chosen command-line interface (I use and love Hyper)
  • Go to your project folder --> $ cd folder name
  • Initialize Git --> $ git init
  • Add all files to git --> $ git add .
  • Commit --> git commit -m "commit name"

Step 3 - Add heroku remote

  • Go to your project on Heroku
  • Click Deploy
  • Choose Heroku Git
  • Copy heroku git:remote -a project name
  • Go back to your command line
  • Paste heroku git:remote -a project name

Step 4 - Deploy to Heroku

  • Push to Heroku with command-line --> $ git push heroku main

When command-line finished executing your app/website will be deployed to heroku.

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Shashwat Verma

I'm sure that you took Angela's course on udemy. :)