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re: That's a cool story. How long was that program and what did they teach? Are you able to apply that on that job?

It was a typical 12 week program. Ruby on Rails back end and Angular front end. My first job was with a company in Washington DC and the government application we worked on had a ROR backend and a React front end. So the ROR experience definitely helped and I picked up some React while there. So to answer your question, yes, I have applied what I learned at the boot camp to both jobs.

At my company now, all the algos are in Java. I don't work on them at all. It's funny that I understand what they are doing better than many of the devs, but I can't contribute to the Java code, not yet anyways, maybe some day. I work on the UI that the guys on the rigs use and the engineers and geologists in the offices use, it's an Angular SPA.

So I would definitely recommend going to a bootcamp if you have experience in a particular field and want to move into a dev roll in that same field.

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