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9 Amazing open-source Storybooks

If you are going to build a UI component library or a design system for your project, Storybook is a great tool to document it beautifully and cleanly.

But before you begin, you might need some inspiration as there are dozens of ways to do it, and everyone seems to take a slightly different approach. Gladly, there are hundreds of brilliant open-source projects that use Storybook.

Here's a list of some that I found the most inspiring and easy to understand:

1. WFP

WFP storybook welcome page

⚙️ Source code

2. Clarity Core

Clarity storybook welcome page

⚙️ Source code

3. Circuit

Circuit storybook welcome page

⚙️ Source code

4. Talend

Talend storybook welcome page

⚙️ Source code

5. Carbon

Carbon storybook welcome page

⚙️ Source code

6. Grafana

Grafana storybook

⚙️ Source code

7. Qui

Qui storybook

⚙️ Source code

8. Orbit

Orbit storybook page

⚙️ Source code

9. Chroma

Chroma storybook page

⚙️ Source code

I am sure there are hundreds of nicely made Storybooks out there, and I would love to see them. Share your favorites in the comments section! 👏

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Samuel Narciso

Amazing bro, it will to help me a lot 😊

zymantaskatinas profile image
Zymantas Katinas

Awesome! happy to share 🙂

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