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How to Run stargan2 on Google Colab


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The steps you need are very simple.

Step1. clone repo

Step2. install packages

Step3. download pre-trained model

Step4. run a script

Original repo

GitHub logo eps696 / stargan2

StarGAN2 for practice

StarGAN2 for practice

Open In Colab

This version of StarGAN2 (coined as 'Post-modern Style Transfer') is intended mostly for fellow artists, who rarely look at scientific metrics, but rather need a working creative tool. At least, this is what I use nearly daily myself.
Here are few pieces, made with it: Terminal Blink, Ghosts, Occurro, etc.
Tested on Pytorch 1.4-1.8. Sequence-to-video conversions require FFMPEG. For more explicit details refer to the original implementation.


  • streamlined workflow, focused on practical tasks
  • cleaned up and simplified code for better readability
  • stricter memory management to fit bigger batches on consumer GPUs
  • models mixing (SWA) for better stability

Presumed file structure

stargan2 root
├  _in input data for processing
├  _out generation output (sequences & videos)
├  data datasets for training
│  └  afhq [example] some dataset
│     ├  cats [example] images for training
│     │  └  test [example] images for validation

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