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Run Linux online- some services I use

Many people want to test Linux before they download it, most people don't want to bundle it onto a USB and configure through a BIOS. If your that type of person then here are two services you can use:

Onworks- this lets you run many different Linux distros like Ubuntu, fedora or redhat Linux. It's free and you can save your session to your Google Drive. You get root access and internet! I would recommend this!
Link: *

DistroTest: the same thing, choose a distro and run it! But you have a 30 minute timer which you can +15 minutes onto- and if you don't then it shuts down. It also lets you connect to your machine through VNC, handy for remote testing (all your data gets cleared though, and you only have so much disk space)

Downside is that they have disabled any connections so you can't use the internet. But you do get Root access!

But are donating their power to help create a model of COVID-19. So I would still try it out!

*- more in next article

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Cool, thx!