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Tracking Code Time ⏲️💻

If you code professionally or as a hobby or are just learning to code, tracking code time can be very useful to you as it can unlock some valuable insights for you.

I recently came across one such tool and have a overview of its features here.

Wakatime is one of those tools. the help of a you can easily logs all your coding activities like:

▪️which editor you are using

▪️which project you are working on

▪️which language you are using

All that data is presented very gracefully on the wakatime dashboard.

Another great feature of wakatime is goals where you can set goals for yourself and wakatime will keep track of those goals and send reminders via mail as well.

This can help you if you are trying to learn a certain framework or library or language or maybe you are trying to learn a new editor like vim.

Wakatime also has other features like shareable embeddables, leaderboards, integrations etc. This kind of gamifies programming and makes it a little more fun.

Wakatime is is not the only tool for this but I find wakatime is unintrusive and a breeze to setup. Wakatime is available for most of the editors that are used today, you just need to install the extension or plugin and enter the API key when asked.

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