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Hello World, I work with Jack Bauer and create my own content and products

This is just a quick hello world post I've just joined Dev to leave a comment. I'm leaving a comment on a post about ruby on rails web scraping... Might as well take this opportunity to say hello, I get as much satisfaction from data analysis as I do from producing videos and analysing markets for viable internet marketing opportunities.

Paid client work is (sometimes) great, but self sufficiency is my trajectory. So I've spent 25+ years intensely immersed in anything involving a CPU, mouse, keyboard or screen in order to create and market content of value, be it a social media campaign promoting a network of livestreaming gamers, a Wordpress Plugin to address a need of my own or compiling footage in Premiere, producing it in After Effects and publishing it in YouTube, with all the associated SERPs relevant work that accompanies it (audience research, hashtag and keyword analysis, psychology driven profiling to inform everything from content presentation to timing posts for maximum impact in accordance with the intent of the potential visitors).

I'm a Microsoft Certified Professional, Adobe Expert, Amazon Influencer and BSc Hons Games Programmer. I use automation to reduce the neccesary for outsourcing in order to scale.

I run 360fov, AndGamers, the recruitment helper and my latest web dev and SEO client is Kiefer Sutherland.

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