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Identity Community Hour - 07/24/2020

Today was our (ir)regular Community Hour on Twitch - on a Friday instead of Thursday because we like to break rules! If you didn't get a chance to watch us live, then you can catch the recording here.

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Community Shoutout

At the beginning of our stream we had our community segment where we give a shout out to community-generated content such as blogs, videos, tutorials, streams etc. The links to this week's mentions are:

Special Guest

For our Community Hour we were fortunate to have Kunal Babre, a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Architect from sunny(??) Edinburgh, UK to talk to us about Azure Lighthouse and a customer case around building secure solutions on Azure with Azure Managed Identities, Azure Functions and Azure Storage.

Check out Kunal’s blog post on Azure Lighthouse including scripts on how to set it up!

Be part of our community

Our Community Hour is dedicated to YOU. Therefore, we invite you to share with us and the wider developer community your blogs, code or any apps that involve identity.

We love streaming so you can usually watch us live on our Twitch channel every Tuesday at 7am and Thursday at 8am PT respectively. If you would like to come and hang out/code with us live on stream, then we would love to have you!

You can reach out to the Identity Dev Advocate team on Twitter Christos and JP

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