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Identity Community Hour - 07/30/2020

This week's Community Hour was lonely as our scheduled guest - Bobby Johnson - couldn't join us due to technical problems which is totally understandable. So it was just me (Christos) and JP :(

However, this didn't stop us from having a great time. We even went over the hard Identity questions that were sent to us during the week, including Bobby's problem. You can catch the full recording here

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Community Shoutout

Check out this week's community segment where we gave a shout out to community-generated content such as blogs, videos, tutorials, streams etc. The links to this week's mentions are:

Special Guest

For our Community Hour we were planning to have Bobby Johnson, an Auth0 Dev Advocate to talk about the challenge he's been facing trying to integrate multiple identity providers and compose a unified identity with all of them. Think about logging in Azure AD and then connecting to GitHub to pull some data and connecting with Twitch to retrieve some other information. JP went over his solution during the stream and discussed why this is hard to implement. This was a deep dive into ASP.NET Core Identity and mechanics. More on this next week as we are still digging into this in order to find the ideal solution.

Be part of our community

Our Community Hour is dedicated to YOU. We would love to hear from you what you've been working on. Blogs, Code or any app that involve identity is a fair game.

We also love to stream on our Twitch channel. We are usually live twice a week

  • 7am PT every Tuesday
  • 8am PT every Thursday

So if you want to come and hang out/code with us live on sream , then we would love to have you!

You can reach out to the Identity Dev Advocate team on Twitter Christos, JP

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