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Identity Community Hour - 08/06/2020

Christos Matskas
Program Manager in the Microsoft Identity Dev Advocacy team. Programmer, speaker and all around geek
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Did you miss our regular Community Hour this Thursday? Fret not because you can always catch the recording on demand here. We didn't have a guest this time around but we did cover quite a few developer questions that reached to us via email, Twitter or pigeon. We want to be inclusive to all means of communication :)

Community shoutout

This week's community segment had some very interesting community-generated content such as blogs, videos, tutorials, streams etc. The links to this week's mentions are:

Architecture discussion

For this part of our community hour, JP and I spent some time discussing some architecture challenges when it comes to using Azure AD to authenticate users and access data in SharePoint Online. In the end, Azure AD does a great job hiding all the complexity so that developers can quickly and easily integrate this functionality with their apps. There are a lot of moving parts in this solution but JP did a great job explaining how they all fit together - he even showed off his (undeniably impressive) drawing skills!

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