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Identity Community Hour 10/01/2020

What an exciting and engaging Community Hours stream today! Thanks to everyone who joined us live for the stream and for asking all those great questions. We love the interaction and we love hard questions and that's exactly what the Community Hours segment is all about. Did you miss the live session? No worries, we got you covered. Check out the recording here:

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News and community shout outs

Let's start with the news of the week and our regular Community Shout outs

  • Microsoft.Identity.Web hits v1.0 - we had a soft launch of the Microsoft.Identity.Web library for ASP.NET Core yesterday and we couldn't be more excited!! There are still a few bits and bobs to complete to be full GA'ed (mainly the integration with templates and IDEs) but we are thrilled that the library is now live and ready to use in our projects!!

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Thrazman build continued

In between the community banter and the questions and news, we continued working on our epic build, aka Thrazman. If the name sounds weird, you have our community to thank for it :)

Thrazman = (thr)ashing (az)ure resources (man)ager.

This solution allows us to tag resources as soon as they are created to automate their deletion after 30 days (default for now). You'll be able to interact with it via Alexa or Google
The solution architecture consists of the following:

  • Azure monitor to throw

Assistant and ask questions such as:

  • what is due for deletion today?
  • what is due for deletion this week?
  • cancel deletion of x resource group
  • delete my VM etc

During this week's community stream, we were able to deploy our Azure Functions to production and test the automatic tagging! And guess what? It works!!

Be part of the group

We love streaming and we usually stream live twice a week on Twitch! But what we love more is to collaborate with developers and tackle real world scenarios. As such, if you're interested to code with us, if have questions/challenges that you want us to help you with or simply a suggestion on what to stream, then we would love for you to reach out. Join us live on the 425Show :

10a - 1p eastern US time Tuesdays
10a - 12n eastern US time Thursdays for Community Hour

Be sure to send your questions to us here, on Twitter (Christos, JP) or email:!

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