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Identity Community Hours - 10/08/2020

Like clockwork, we had our Community Hours stream today to talk about the latest news, do our usual Community shout out and answer your questions. We also tried to fill the void between questions and news by working on our Thrazman project - to make Azure Resource automation even better! You can now catch the stream on demand on YouTube

Community shout outs and news

The biggest announcement for the week is the fact that Microsoft.Identity.Web, the newest ASP.NET Core authentication and token management library, hit GA! You can find all about it here:

Thrazman continues - PowerShell vs Azure Resource Group

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During Tuesday's stream, I convinced JP that using PowerShell would be much faster than writing some C# code to retrieve all the resource groups that were not tagged with a specific tag. This took us down an interesting journey and we spend most of the stream trying to get it to work. We got to 90% before running out of time. I, however, wanted to prove that this was the right solution so I took it upon me to complete the challenge. It's working beautifully as you can see in this [blog post].

However, we did come across some technical challenges and in the end it proved that it would be faster to use the Azure Resource Graph to query what we needed. As such, towards the end of our stream today, we changed course and started working on the second solution. The conversation derailed a little bit as began to think about the scalability of our solution and the best way to address this.
Queues, Durable Functions, etc. In the end, many opinions where shared.... :)

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Catch us next week on the stream to find out what we decided!

Be part of the group

We love streaming and we usually stream live twice a week on Twitch! But what we love more is to collaborate with developers and tackle real world scenarios. October is shaping up to be super busy with a lot of fun projects and great guests:

October Schedule

  • 10/13: Simon Crouch
  • 10/15: Sahil Malik
  • 10/20: Michael Kennedy
  • 10/27: Peter De Tender
  • 10/30: Sean Whitesell

Join us live on the 425Show :

  • Tuesdays 7am PT/ 2pm UTC
  • Thursdays 7am PT / 2pm UTC

Want to get in touch? Be sure to send your questions to us here or hit us up:

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