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Christos Matskas for The 425 Show

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This week on the #425Show

This has been an extremely busy week for us on the #425Show with 3 packed streams, great guests and lots of community news. You can catch all the recordings on YouTube:

Tuesday - Building a secure voting app with Azure and Microsoft Identity

Thursday - Community Hours and the Thrazman build continues

Friday - Azure CLI + Microsoft Identity tips and tricks

Community Shout outs

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We continue with our Thursday tradition where we use our Community Hours to give our Community a shout out for all the content they produce, go over the week's announcements and talk about interesting things in the Identity space. This weeks links are included below:

Building a secure voting app with Azure AD, MS Graph, Azure Functions and .NET Core

On Tuesday's stream we were joined by Simon Crouch to look at how he build a secure voting app in just 3 days using Azure services and .NET Core.

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Specifically, Simon made good use of the following tools, frameworks and patterns to quickly build and deliver something 'to market'.

  • SignalR
  • Microsoft Graph
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Functions
  • Durable Entities
  • .NET Core
  • Razor Pages

The fascinating part was the Simon was able to solve some complext challenges and move fast by using off-the-shelf services to achieve his goals. SignalR provided the because real-time element. Azure AD and MS Graph became the secure backbone that allowed people to authenticate and communicate with Microsoft Dynamics securely, Azure Functions were the connective tissue and .NET Razor pages provided the UI component.

You can check the code for yourself on GitHub and make sure to give Simon a follow on Twitter (@simoncveracity)!

Using the Azure CLI with Microsoft Identity

Friday's stream was exceptional. We have another fantastic guest -Sahil Malik who works as a PM in the Identity Division with us. Sahil joined us on the show to talk about the Azure CLI, Azure Cloud Shell and the Microsoft Identity platform. Sahil is super talented

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Both me and JP (and we hope our audience) learned a ton of new things and discovered new features that didn't know existed until now. We also talked about how Azure Cloud Shell can make our lives a lot easier when we need to quickly spin up Azure CLI or Azure PowerShell to work with our resources. And it doesn't stop there. Because we can always take it a step further and add some containers for even greater portability. In case you didn't know, Azure Cloud Shell now has a public Docker image that you can fork and change as you see fit :)

Join us + new schedule!!

As much as we love streaming and coding live we love more
collaborating with developers to tackle real world scenarios.

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IMPORTANT We also have a new schedule! Going forward, we will be streaming on Mondays and Fridays at 8am PT / 11am ET and 3pm UTC

Upcoming October Guests
10/20: Python and Microsoft Identity with Michael Kennedy (only one an a Tue)

Join us live on the 425Show :

  • Monday 8am PT/ 3pm UTC
  • Friday 8am PT / 3pm UTC

Want to get in touch? Be sure to send your questions to us here or hit us up:

on Discord
on Twitter (Christos, JP)
by email:!

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