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Let's Build a Jamstack App Together!

Join me on Twitch as we build an RSS Reader using Eleventy and Modern CSS

We'll start from absolute zero and create project requirements, architect the Eleventy (11ty) project, design in the browser using modern CSS, and all the other bits required to get a project launched.

Building an RSS feed reader will let us explore:

  • Setting up an 11ty static site project
  • Creating data sources
  • Using modern CSS to create a functional UI
  • Possibly serverless functions (TBD pending "app" architecture)
  • Other features as determined by the chat participants

In our first stream we created a feature list which you can feel free to comment on!

Stream Schedule

There will be two streams this week - follow on Twitch for go-live notifications:

Sometimes I need to change stream times which I announce over on Twitter.

To find out about future streams, and keep updated on my many other projects, subscribe to my newsletter.

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