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React App - View Locations of those using it on map

I am looking to build an app for a friend who has an idea (not the greatest I'll admit but neither was flappy bird so who knows).

It's not really a full idea, and I know how to do most of it. Pretty much the basic framework for basic apps with profiles and all that. However, they want a map that will show others using that app nearby (not a dating or sex app lol) so people can connect with a relatively small radius.

I can build the foundation, I can include a map that with permissions will show where you are. I'm curious what the best way to go about having others logged on at the same time to show where everyone is on that map?

Any input is appreciated.

Thank you.

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Looks like you're ready for a REST API that takes in the latitude and longitude of the current user, and returns user info for users within a certain radius.

I just discovered an awesome tool for generating a Node API written by Diego Haz.

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