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Useful information and books to help you learn React.

The tutorials in the official React documentation are out of date⚠️

Here are some sites that you can refer to in order to develop using TypeScript and React Hooks.

I'm sure there are many other useful links out there, but too many would be too much work, so I've narrowed it down to those that I think are useful and don't seem to have any overlap.

In this Issue, we introduce the renewal of the official React documentation.

New React Docs · Issue #3308 · reactjs/


For people who are worried about JavaScript itself before React.

Beginner JavaScript Notes - Wes Bos


For those who want to learn React comprehensively.

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Learning React, 2nd Edition [Book]

React + TypeScript

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React TypeScript Cheatsheets.

React Hooks

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This is an unofficial but React documentation site that has been changed to a tutorial on React Hooks.

React – A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

React + GraphQL

  • Learn a comprehensive implementation of React + Apollo + GraphQL.

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Course Introduction | GraphQL React Apollo Hooks Tutorial

  • Learn React + GraphQL + TypeScript web service development from front-end to back-end comprehensively.

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Full stack open 2021

React + Test

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Learn comprehensive front-end testing using the concept of Testing Trophy and React testing.

Testing JavaScript with Kent C. Dodds

React + Redux

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Learning Resources | Redux

Paid service

If you are fine with paid service, this is the way to go.

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Frontend Masters

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Get Really Good at React

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