Is it dev dot too or is it dev dot tee oh?

Adam Barker on May 11, 2019

So literally my whole entire life I've been pronouncing this site as "dev dot too" but I've just heard someone refer to it as "dev dot tee oh". ... [Read Full]
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Steve Wilhite the creator of GIF says it with a soft G. Like Jif, the peanut butter.

I've always called this site "dev too", I don't even mention the "dot". (I've never said it out loud. Just my in-my-head voice.) Your post gives me the opportunity to update my mental model.


If I remember correctly, Ben said it was short for Dev.together so I would imagine that means that "Dev dot too" is correct


Ben refers to it as DEV in emails, so I always just yell "DEV" at the top of my lungs.


I used to pronounce Aristotelian like ArisTOTelian instead of AristoTELian when arguing philosophy in college. One day someone with a PhD corrected me and I realized I had been saying it wrong in front of people that probably knew better for some time. I was in my 20s, young, intellectual and sometimes pretentious. I was mortified.


That's an amazing example. Here's to being slightly older and somewhat less pretentious 😉


Dev-toe as in 🦶?

Oh man that option never crossed my mind!


It’s definitely not Dev Dot Tee-Oh — that’s the Developer community in #toronto!


I just say "DEV" — if I'm giving someone the URL than I say "DEV dot Tee Oh"


glad I found someone else in the dev dot to camp..!


We dev dot to-ers have to stick together 😉


I pronounce it all as a single word mushed together like dev-toe. Like the thing people step on to get developers to change course.


.com = Commercial
.gov = Government
.net = Network
.org = Organization
.uk = United Kingdom
.ca = Canada
.us = United States

.to = Tonga

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