This is a creative coding challenge to display the time in as creative a way as you can come up with. It doesn't even have to look like a clock! You could display the time using Emoji, or build a clock in Conway's Game of Life, or think about what kind of clock aliens might use.

Here's my entry

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So this one was an interesting challenge to write. It's a clock widget for Android (you can buy it in the store), but instead of graphically or numerically representing the time, it tells you. Right now, my phone says it's "Just gone twenty-five to twelve in the afternoon" - which goes to show it's a lot harder to get this right that you might have thought (I'd never noticed that bug before).

Worse, I had the crazy idea that I should internationalize it, and found out all sorts of things about how the Dutch and Germans say the time.

But it's quite fun.

Nothing's ever going to beat the human clock, the best I could do is replicate that... or cheat and render it in a frame.

Reminds me of this installation piece that was in nyc a few years ago.

I'd love to see someone create the Union Square Metronome in code

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