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What do you think about interactive resumes?

Some years ago, I came across Robby Leonardi's resume. It's basically an animation of a game character going through a platformer game as you scroll down, displaying Robby's background, interests and skills.

Have you seen good other interactive resumes? Would this be a good way to also add another portfolio project? Other thoughts?

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Ben Sinclair

I think the one you linked to is clever and pretty and shows some skill.

But it's horrible at providing information. I can't be bothered to scroll around trying to find out what job they just left. It's just about the worst way of presenting information to anyone who needs to see it all at once.

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Yechiel Kalmenson

They're a nice gimmick and pretty cool, but pretty useless when applying for a job.

If you want to make one as a fun side project, go for it. But make sure you still keep your plain ol' PDF resume up to date because that's the one hiring managers and ATSs will be expecting.

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Douglas McKechie

Given most recruitment agents and even companies still seem to print resumes/CVs and highlight things to talk about in interviews, I think its important that the information is still available in the traditional form.

Robby Leonardi's resume is very creative though so credit for that. I'm sure there would be a number of design-lead agencies that it would appeal to.

Perhaps an option at the beginning to see the info as a list / download PDF or explore via the "game" would be an improvement.

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Jaime Rios

I think they are good.

The best would be a blog full of insights about the industry or an open source app you share. The problem with traditional resumes is that they give a space to point out the skills you don't have.

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Milan Chheda

Interactive resumes are good, as a side-project, but not really impressive when you are applying for jobs. You will still need resume in PDF version.

After thinking more, I believe, such interactive resumes would be good if one is a designer or UI person as this gives the flexibility to showcase your work.

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Todd Hogarth

Still going to need traditional resume for HR