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Ishini Avindya
Ishini Avindya

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How To Improve Productivity With A Healthy Life For Developers

Today, none of the people are free of work. We all thrive to fulfill our desires. Developers are the same. They work so hard. Most of the developers forget to concern about their health. Not only developers, but most of the people in the world are also the same. That should not happen. There is nothing worth more than our health. If we are down with illnesses, every other thing is useless.

Researchers have pointed out that 95% percent of the people do not concern about their health unless they found that they are sick. Most of the people have diabetes, cholesterol, heart diseases, etc. There are several reasons which cause those illnesses. Most of those reasons' epicenter is carelessness.

Bad health definitely kills productivity. Now can you understand why health is much important in improving productivity?

What Can Developers Do?

There are lots of strategies to improve productivity while maintaining a healthy life.

  1. Do not miss the breakfast
  2. Have a healthy lunch
  3. Do exercises
  4. Use time managing techniques
  5. Avoid junk food - prepare your meals at home
  6. Have healthy snacks
  7. Meet your doctor

1. Do not miss the breakfast

Breakfast is the most important part of your diet. If you miss your breakfast, you will suffer from gastritis. Most of the developers skip their breakfast often. Breakfast makes you feel energized and it helps you to improve productivity.

2. Have a healthy lunch

This is also important to get rid of diseases. Skipping your meals causes you to have diabetes and gastritis too. It also helps you to improve productivity as you feel boosted and fulfilled.

3. Do exercises

do exercises
Exercises are very important in maintaining a healthy life. Because a body without exercise is useless. Exercises are the way to have a healthy life. As developers, you might be busy. You can schedule your exercises fir 15 -20 minutes. Doing it daily is more than enough.

4. Use time managing techniques

time management
Following this tip makes your life with work easy peacy that you can work with full of energy and enthusiasm. We all get stuck with time managing and most of the people give up themselves. Such a waste isn't it? Start using time managing steps - 2-minute rule, POMODORO - when working. It will reduce your stress levels and helps to work efficiently. As it reduces stress, you can have a healthy life - mentally - while improving productivity. This will also give you time to do physical activities - you can do exercises using that time period.

5. Avoid junk food

avoid junk food
As you are much busy with work, you prefer to have junk food such a hamburger, short eats, soft drinks, etc. This causes obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, cancers, etc. Having homemade meals is the best.

6. Have a healthy snack

healthy snack
You may prefer to have a snack while you are working during the breaks. Most of the developers, programmers have a bias to artificial snacks such as chips, coca-cola drinks. These snacks are the way to death. Have healthy snacks concerning your own health.

7. Meet your doctor

meet you doctor
Meeting your doctor once per month or 3 weeks is better. You can check how healthy you are and decide what to do next to have a healthy life. You can take advice from your doctor too.

8. Have a good sleep

good sleep
This is very important because sleep is essential for everyone. Especially for people who work 90% using their brain. This also reduces stress levels, anxiety and improve your productivity

With all of these tips, I am sure that developers, programmers can improve their productivity with a healthy life. If you have questions, suggestions, please comment below.

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