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How Aesthetics Help Developers/Programmers

Developers, Programmers are work so hard: they work hard using their brains. According to researches, people who work using their brains and work physically both need to care about themselves. When the brain gets tired, our body simultaneously gets tired because the mental situation matters everything.

Your Brain at Work

Your brain is the most significant part of your body. You cannot work without it. When you are working, all the command is given by your brain. Your thinking process is much t complicated than you think. Your brain does loads of work while you are working. It gets tired than you think, It causes you to get distracted, bored, and lose productivity.
So, it is important to concern these situations.

Why aesthetical things?

The above-mentioned situations are common among developers and programmers. They get distracted, get bored while they are working. These problems lead to losing their productivity.
That is why aesthetical things are for.

What are aesthetical things?

There are many aesthetical things that exist. Among them, below things help you to get rid of the above-mentioned problems.

  1. Music
  2. Illustrations


Music is the best cure. You can use light music, baroque music, modern music: you can use any kind of music you prefer.
Neurologists say, listening to light music or baroque music is good for brain efficiency and health. Music interacts with your beta, theta and alpha waves in a very good manner. It helps you to improve productivity, get rid of stress, to be energetic. It also helps you to bring the best in you. You will be able to work per day more than you did. Many developers and programmers say that music helps them to concentrate while coding or developing. Music helps to keep concentrated. People all over the world use music to concentrate.


Illustrations are one of the aesthetical things people use for their needs. As developers and programmers, you can choose illustrations you like and paste or hang them on your wall. Whenever you get distracted, bored, you can stare at these illustrations and get back to work. There are especially drawn illustrations for concentration, mind healing, etc. Staring at illustrations helps you to improve productivity, get rid of stress. You will not get bored while working as you have illustrations with you.

Enjoyed reading? Please feel free to comment if you have any questions or suggestions. And, I suggest you to share your personal experience of this topic through comments.

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Axel Adrián García

I've recently started to listen to full albums of instrumental music and it has been great for my productivity. Mostly because I always had to switch artists and genres to not get bored, this doesn't happen with instrumental music, you can even play an album on repeat.

Although there are a LOT of great things around, a personal favorite of mine have been: and also

And some Buckethead too!

_ishiniavindya profile image
Ishini Avindya

Thank you for sharing your perosnal experiences.