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A simple way to manage and start your api mock server on your local platform.


Mockman is a powerful and convenient tool that helps you to manage and start mock servers locally.

With the app, you can easily configure the routes, request format and response of a mock server





  1. Create your mock server - click the add button
  2. Configure the name, port and prefix of your move server, make sure the port is not in use, or Mockman will give you a error notification.
  3. Add some apis for your mock server.
  4. Configure the method, route, response code, latency, required request options and reponse data of each api.
  5. Start the server - click the start button.
  6. After all, you can test your api locally.

Where will your api data be stored?

Your data will be stored as a sqlite file absolutely on your local, the path will be different on different operation system.

  • %APPDATA% for Windows
  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME or ~/.config for Linux
  • ~/Library/Application Support for macOS

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David Brewer

Interesting. If you create those endpoints locally, can you export them and import them onto another system? In the case where an entire team needs access to a local mock version of an environment.