Created A bluewhale game on a learning Weekend

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Hey Guys as I have started learning Game development in HTML5 on weekends so I've learn to make a simple game which is very basic till now. But you can play the game at:


The Phaser frameworks uses javascript to play with animations and transitions and give some builtin components which you can use to develop games.

The game is bit newbie but I would love your advice and contributions on it :)

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Hey Shahroz!,

I was trying hard on your creation. It turns out im really bad in this game.
I must say altho your a beginner i must say this is pretty good.

Maybe you can train your whale to learn how to swim by it self.



Haha! You are not that bad I must say. Actually, the frame I use is not perfect and this is only a practice demo so I don't update it. I saw your video you have done a great job :)


I wish it was me in the video but it isnt :( its Daniel Shiffman a teacher in the US. However it would make a good intro to machine learning if you made it. Maybe i even make a machine play your game that would be awesome :D

PS: My highscore is 10 now

Wow, I would love to see that :D Are you working on it? :D

I might do that. I am currently working on my personal game engine that i will use to make desktop games with. here it is.

The engine is called Walla and also in part called Stage Engine but i'm not sure of a good name (maybe you have a good name for me). The reason for my personal engine is understanding (and extending) the company engine as i'm the lead developer of it and its platform.

The Engine once done will have 3 template games.

  • Breakout (All out all Atari game with Matter physics engine)
  • Pixelshooter (DeadOps clone from the black ops 2 easter egg)
  • RoundedRects (IOS game template clone)

Actually, I'm not more into game development but I've the idea about game engines like Unreal, Unity etc (Only knowledge :D) and also I know gamers love to write their own game engines like you. Great maybe in the future I'll try yours :). For a name I've no idea maybe you can call it "Mast" (your name :D) "Flatter" :D

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