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Deploy your webpage in just *1 (ONE)* command


  • Create an account on Zeit
  • Install the NOW npm package
  • Go to the repo that you want to deploy, in the terminal
  • Execute the command now
  • Vola!! You should be done.

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I started to learn to code sometime back. Sticking to the traditions, my journey began with dipping my toes in HTML → CSS → JavaScript and beyond.

As many may agree, self-learning coding is a little tough. While you need to be disciplined, the most painful is to know what to learn to code and when. More often than not, I would find myself staring at a topic that I did not know anything about and then there I go in the rabbit hole.

Deployment of Projects

During this entire learning process, which is still on btw, the one thing that I wanted to be a pro at is the deployment of my projects.

You can safely assume that I spent countless hours trying to nail it. Long story short, after a lot and lot of time spent, the following helped me in seeing my projects come to life:

  • Github Pages (for static websites)
  • Heroku (for complicated NodeJS or Flask projects)
    • First through the deployment of docker containers (as for some reason this felt the easiest), and then through
    • Heroku Git (Yes! It's very likely I went the reverse order from learning the complicated route first)

Now, both the above routes (only from the perspective of deployment) have its own learning curve and trust me, as a new coder and super eager to see my project come to life on the internet, I was somewhere, irritated with the learning.

Introduction to ZEIT Now

I was playing out with Svelte - just the hello world to begin with - and during this playing around, their documentation gave this command - to deploy your app follow the command now and I was intrigued.

ZEIT Now is a cloud platform for static sites and serverless functions. It enables developers to host websites and web services that deploy instantly, scale automatically, and requires no supervision, all with no configuration.

So what is this one command to deploy

now - that is it to deploy your project. However, minor steps to reach that stage are:

  • you need to have an account with zeit
  • in the terminal you need to have done now login

once these 2 steps are done, you are all set

Use the command now in the terminal and it will prepare your site and make it live in almost 1 min.

Next Steps

After this stage, I was tempted to getting my site a proper domain name and make it live as a production website. Since Zeit gives you the option to buy a domain and connect it to your webpage. I will be writing a separate blog on this topic; it is a bit more technical.

Till then, have fun and keep coding!!


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