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Installing GIT on your system

Okay so now I think that you know what is GIT and why it is used if you don't know I recommend reading my previous post


For Windows:

First head over to this will start the download of the latest version of GIT. After the file is downloaded follow these steps.

Step 1

file-img ☝ Locate and open this file after download

Step 2

alt text
Agree to the license after reading it

Step 3

alt text
Choose the Let GIT decide Option

Step 4

Now press next and continue with the installer and your good to go.

For Linux

For Linux there are different methods for different distributions so head over to and do the steps given there for your distro of Linux.

For macOS

Step 1

Install homebrew from here

Step 2

run this

brew install git
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Testing the installation

To test if it is installed properly run this

git --version
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If it is printing the version then Congrats !!🎉🎊🥳 it is installed successfully.

So I am ending this post here bye and have a nice day!
Any queries ask me in the discussions

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