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Storm is coming

I want to write an article on Dev.to. My interest are vast and experience is diverse, however I never was a "real" IT person. Doing a little bit Python, a little bit Rails. However, I have done few things that I'd like to share and on which I'd like to get feedback, mainly around development and management of medium-scale storage system for research lab. As you can imagine, it is not trivial to manage flow of 10s of TB of data monthly, but I think we got a grasp of core principles.

However, I am not sure I can write about this journey myself. So I would like to find a co-author or maybe editor, someone who will be at least a "rubber duck" to bounce my original idea off. Or maybe someone who would ask me good questions, pay attention, and maybe give a great advice.

So this thread represents an opportunity for people like me to find collaboration on Dev.to writing. Comment with your proposal ("i want to write about X" or "i want to help writing about X"), and maybe someone knowledgeable will connect with your idea.

I see several reasons why that might be useful:

  • you will write better
  • you will write faster
  • you will learn something new
  • maybe writing such an article will be a tutorial/teaching exercise
  • maybe you will find friends

So I'll start


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andrey a Author

I have initiated this project to build two servers (primary+backup), each 100TB+ for storing lab data (mostly optical microscopy but also some genomics).

ZFS on FreeBSD as software, 45-HDD boxes from Supermicro as hardware, Basecamp as peopleware. Limoncelli as bookware.

Looking for guidance how to describe and make this system better as it seems that home-made boxes are much cheaper&faster than commercial/university-provided options while robust and low-cost maintenance solutions. About hardware, software, but also about management expectations and users