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The 5 stages of Growth Hacking AARRR for YOUR APP: HOW DO YOU DO THAT?

Growth hacking: We hear this term more often around us and sound very attractive for any app developers. But what does growth hacking actually mean?

What does growth in hacking?

Growth hacking can be described as the optimization process of a product or service by the constant carrying of small tests. This test often happens through A / B testing. In fact, growth hacking is a technical extension of the traditional marketing idea. However, where marketing often focuses only on bringing new customers, growth hacking covers the entire process from acquisition to conversion. Growth hackers use their knowledge of product distribution to find ingenious technical solutions for growth and then sometimes balancing on the edge of what is acceptable. As a growth hacker, must have a proper skillset in house, companies often opt for a combination of marketers and mobile app developers.

The five stages of growth hacking AARRR:

  1. Acquisition:

Consider where your potential customers are coming from. Make sure your app rank well in app stores so they find the app or you can set a whole campaign so people will use your app. What tactics or combination you choose, there will always be to make improvements. Put more in the successful channels and emits the least profitable channels, so that you keep well in view of the focus of the campaign. In this phase, consumers have the app just download and it's up to you to convert new users to people who understand the value of your app and want to make more use.

  1. Activation:

This is the time when people want to make more use of the app. How do you ensure that people actually do this? And how do you measure whether you achieve your goals? What are your goals really? You will probably go around this stage think of collecting e-mail addresses or other contact information that are relevant to you.

  1. Retention:

Now you have some user’s data collected from app download and would like you to return visitors and use your app often. You can measure the retention by simply looking at how many users come back after they have 'activated'. If the number of active users quickly drops it probably means that people do not have the experience of your app they expected. If this is the case, then quickly go looking for the cause.
To inactive users to "re-activate", you can choose to send an automated e-mail to users who have been absent for some time.

  1. Referral:

Have you successfully completed the first three steps? Make sure that people will talk about your app. If you have accumulated quickly many active users, this generally means that people recognize the value of your app and want to use your application. There is almost no more powerful marketing tool than marketing buzz: people make decisions faster from positive experiences of friends and family.

  1. Revenue:

People download your app, discovered it in app store is the best revenue for you or maybe you get revenue from in-app ads. It is certainly important to have insight into what efforts produce the most profits so you can optimize it further. A growth hacker targets all five steps above, where the traditional online marketer focuses on the first step: collecting users.

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