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Puppeteer on Lambda! Updated and better.

Demo code here

Uploading directly to Lambda has a size limit of 50MB.

This makes it difficult for Puppeteer, which is a very large library. Uploading your code to s3 and then updating your function from there increases this size limit to (I think) 250MB!

I use 7zip and typescript and here is my scripts that I use to upload to Lambda.

"scripts": {
    "zip": "tsc && 7z a -r ./dist/* node_modules/",
    "sendToLambda": "npm run zip && aws s3 cp s3://chrome-aws && aws lambda update-function-code --function-name puppeteer-on-lambda --s3-bucket chrome-aws --s3-key"
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Tom Connors

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This is useless content that makes the site useless