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Aaron K Saunders
Aaron K Saunders

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A Quick Intro To OvermindJS In ReactJS

Overmind - "frictionless state management" -

This is a quick video integrating state management into a Two Tab React JS application similar to the one used in this post Two Ways To Manage State In React JS.

I started to investigate Overmind because I really liked MobX and this looked very similar to me in some ways, i liked the simplicity of just calling functions in my components!!

Since I wrote the blog post about Two Ways To Manage State In React JS I thought that this is a great third alternative so here is the video, hope you enjoy

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Stephen Glass

This looks really easy and simple to use. Are there any advantages to use Overmind versus React Context API?

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Aaron K Saunders

IMHO it just comes down to preference, also from what I have read there are some concerns around context api because if you put too much state in one context it can impact performance, so people start to create multiple context that manage different parts of the the application state or then fall back to a combo of redux and context