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Learn To Build Mobile Apps Using MongoDB Realm And React Native

MongoDB Realm and React Native Getting Started

This is just a live recording of me following along the documentation to get started with MongoDB Realm and React Native

This is the first in a series of videos about using MongoDB Realm with React Native specifically taking advantage of the offline and sync capabilities. I have used MongoDB Realm once before in an Ionic Framework video series listed below, so you can take a look to get an idea of the direction I am heading with this video series

In the first video, we are just following along with the documentation to get a react native application up and running with the realm library installed and do some basic CRUD actions without a React Native UI.

The second video adds a better user interface on the application using React Native Paper and adds a listener to react to changes in the collection when there is a change and reflects that change in the list

As we move through the series we will fill out the app more and show how to integrate MongoDB Realm in a React Native application.

Part One - MongoDB Realm and React Native Getting Started

Part Two - MongoDB Realm and React Native Getting Started - Simple User Interface

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