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Video Series: Sample IonSlides App Using Vue 3, In Ionic Framework

Building apps using the new Ionic Framework Web Components for Vue 3.

Creating Slides with VueJS and Ionic Framework - Accessing the Full SwiperJS API

This is a basic introduction on how to utilize IonSlides in your vuejs application and how to get deep access to the underlying API from SwiperJS that is what's driving IonSlides.

More Slides Using Ionic Framework with VueJS, SwiperJS and Tiny-Emitter Creating A Custom Event-Bus

We are combining two questions I saw this week, that I thought would make for a great video
1) How to emit events, create an event-bus in vue3
2) How to have parent component sent events to child component in vuejs.
3) See Tiny-Emitter, This approach was recommended in the Vue3JS Documentation regarding Events API Migration

Taking the Slides Demo from the earlier video and create a way for the IonSlides Component to listen for an event to tell it to change what slide it is on... This decouples the slide component from being tightly integrated with its parent in many ways.

The library I used in tiny-emitter, the link is below, See a simple eventbus built using composition API here CodeSandbox Project

More VueJS & Ionic Videos

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