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Articles around the web (03-05-2020)

Here's a collection of some interesting articles from around the web this week revolving around all things technology and programming. This is part of the CodePunnet blog weekly newsletter. If you would like to get this update in your inbox make sure to subscribe to the newsletter.

→ Development Environments at Slack

The engineers at slack once again provide a glance on how they manage some of their technical processes. In this article they cover how they manage Dev environments and show how with effective management and tooling of these environments can be "critical to the success of any technology company".

→ Is TypeScript Really... A Language??

Check out this interesting discussion into is typescript really a language? This in depth article covers all aspects of the topic from the definitions of programming languages and whether it all even actually matters.

→ Advice for Writing a Technical Resume

If you find yourself with a lot of free time during this pandemic consider taking some of that time and giving your resume a cleanup. This article provides some great points on how you can update your technical resume and hopefully score some interviews or offers when restrictions begin to be lifted.

→ Using Formik to Handle Forms in React

On almost any site you will find some kind of form. This article shows how easy it is to manage forms in react using the npm package Formik with a dive into the multiple possible implementations and common validation and error handling scenarios.

→ How Netflix brings safer and faster streaming experiences to the living room on crowded networks using TLS 1.3

The engineers at Netflix provide some insight into their results from a security analysis into the usage of TLS 1.3 vs TLS 1.2 and the increased performance of the newer version for streaming performance, especially when the world is seeing more streaming than ever.

→ Deep Equality checking of Objects in Vanilla JavaScript

If you've ever wanted to know how deep equality checking works and how you could implement it this article looks at how you can create your own deep equality checking just with vanilla javascript.

→ How the pandemic changed traffic trends from 400M visitors across 172 Stack Exchange sites

Stack overflow shares some insights into how they are seeing changing traffic trends due to the global pandemic. This article shares some uplifting news on how these traffic patterns are showing people increased interest to learn and to see traffic surges in important communities like academia and questions on how to move to remote working situations.

→ How to: AWS Service Endpoints via Terraform for fun and profit

This in-depth endpoint shows how you can use Terraform and AWS service endpoints to easily connect public AWS resources to your private VPC subnets.

That's all the links for this week, stay safe and look after each other (But not too close). 🤚

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