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Articles around the web (05-04-2020)

Here's a collection of some interesting articles from around the web this week revolving around all things technology and programming. This is part of the CodePunnet blog weekly newsletter. If you would like to get this update in your inbox make sure to subscribe to the newsletter.

→ Deploys at Slack

The engineers at slack once again go over some of their internal findings from their internal processes. This time they cover what it is like to deploy code at slack hoping to share how you can make deploying code easier and safer for everyone in your organisation.

→ Pluralsight - All 7,000+ Programming courses are free for April!

Pluralsight is technology skills platform, companies can up-skill teams and increase engineering impact and for the month of April, they are releasing all of their paid programming course for free with no credit card required. Since a lot of us are already in lockdown or entering it this is a great time to make the most of it and learn a new skill.

→ An Annotated Docker Config for Frontend Web Development

This article provides an in-depth guide to the advantages of using Docker to set up your front-end web development project. By the end of it, you should have all of your project defined in a docker file that you are easily able to run on your machine or anyone else's with one easy command.

→ React Suspense in Practice

This in-depth look at React suspense goes over how it can be used to create better user experiences with a multi-data source web application. With react suspense were able to communicate to the user the state of loading the multiple data sources whilst keeping as much of the UI as interactive as possible.

→ How Big Technical Changes Happen at Slack

The engineers over at slack share some thoughts about how they approach performing big changes at their organisation. In this article, they go over the adoption curve while sharing their learnings and strategies to navigate this curve coming from slacks own internal technology change initiatives as case studies.

→ How I Got My Website to Load in 1 Second

A great look at some of the tools and processes you can use to optimise your sites for faster loading and better user experiences. There should be some learnings in this article that should be usable for almost any website.

→ Laura Kalbag – How to read RSS in 2020

If you've wanted to regain control back over your media consumption check out this comprehensive guide on how you can achieve this with RSS in 2020. In this article, the basics of RSS is covered as well as many recommendations for RSS readers to ingest these feeds for anyone's use case.

→ How to Host A Website On Google Drive for Free

If you got a site that you need to host for the minimum amount of effort check out this article that shows how you can host your site just on your google drive.

Hopefully, you can all find a way to stay busy and make the most out of isolation/lockdowns but make sure you remember to stay safe and stay healthy.

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